Sermon Series Intro: 

God is just as concerned with the holiness of His people as He is with their forgiveness. The two cannot be divided. No man can survive an encounter with God while still bearing the stain of sin, and no man can enjoy the presence of God without holiness. This is why every glorious aspect of salvation is aimed at holiness in Christ. The Father predestined His people unto holiness (Eph 1:4), Christ redeemed His people for holiness (Col 1:21), and the Spirit calls His people in holiness (1 Thess 4:7-8). Holiness is not an optional addendum to gospel grace, it is at the heart of God’s redemptive work. We have been saved to be set apart. Scripture makes it clear that holiness and grace are neither unrelated nor opposed. God provided gospel grace so that His people could become holy. As John Owen explained, “holiness is nothing but the implanting, writing and living out of the gospel in our souls.” In other words, sanctifying grace is never missing from gospel grace. The same grace that frees the believer from the guilt of sin also frees the believer to be holy. Holiness is impossible without grace and grace always produces holiness. 

Sermon Series Schedule: 

3.5.17 - Saved to be Holy: The Plan of Sanctification

3.12.17 - Made to be Holy: The Priority of Sanctification  

3.19.17 - Steps to be Holy: The Process of Sanctification 

3.26.17 - Faith to be Holy : The Power of Sanctification 

4.2.17 - Grace to be Holy: The Provision for Sanctification 

4.9.17 - Grace to be Holy: The Provision for Sanctification (pt. 2)